Canva templates for social media

With the rise of social media there is the need to create more interesting and on brand posts for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Having eye-catching, on brand and visually interesting posts will make your business stand out, have continuity, and therefore create a more professional business image; thus gaining trust and recognition in an often crowded market.

JWJ Design are offering small businesses a range of Canva packages to help you create your own visuals. Having a tool kit of assets, templates and visuals that you can then re-use and re-purpose going forwards.

The templates will be completely bespoke for your business. JWJ Design will take away the uncertainty of what fonts work with your logo, what additional colours you could use and create templates that look and feel right for your business without looking like anyone else.

You will also save time generating image content as you will only have to update an image or some text each time, thus making the whole process of posting to social media a lot less time consuming.

These templates will give you a great starting place to design your own content going forwards. You can change the colours around and try different combinations and placement of graphics once you become confident using Canva.

There are 2 packages to choose from depending on budget and requirements:



A set of 4 square Instagram and Facebook ready bespoke templates to re-use and re-purpose as and when required. JWJ Design can create a combination of text, testimonial and image posts, depending on your requirements. The templates will include your logo, your brand colours plus also a short list of fonts to use based on your logo or previous marketing material.

The cost allows for x1 round of amends.



All of the above PLUS x3 other format designs, depending on requirements. For example a mix of Instagram stories, LinkedIn landscape or Mailchimp landscape posts.



If your requirements for social media don’t fit within these packages then please do get in touch and JWJ Design can create a bespoke package for you.