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When to rebrand your business

As a small business owner making sure your business brand image is the best it can be is extremely important, and yet when you are so close to something it can be difficult to know when to think about rebranding your business. So when is the right time?


Why does tone of voice matter?

Guest feature from Lu Smith, a copywriter on why tone of voice matters when you are creating any marketing communications. Whether that is a blog or a promotional leaflet getting the tone right will help build brand loyalty and trust.


How colour psychology can help you choose the right colours

Finding the right tone and colour for your business is extremely important, get it wrong and you could be communicating the wrong message about your business. Using colour psychology JWJ Design can tap in to these ‘gut instincts’ and try and harness the right colours for your business.


What’s the value of a graphic designer?

Time and again I come across businesses who don’t see the value in what I do. I often get asked to produce a logo or brand identity for as cheap as possible and yet this small crucial investment can really change how your business is perceived by your clients and your potential clients.