Design Tips

Expert knowledge that will keep your business brand and marketing working effectively

What file formats do I need of my logo?

You have commissioned a graphic designer to create you a logo, great news, but what file formats should you receive once the project has been signed off? What formats do you need so that you can upload to social media, create your own content in Canva and use to send to print?


What’s the value of a graphic design agency?

Time and again I come across businesses who don’t see the value in what design studio’s can do for them. I often get asked to produce a logo or brand identity for as cheap as possible and yet this crucial investment can really change how your business is perceived by your target audience.


Stock images or memorable images?

Stock images can be an affordable way to add imagery to your communications but there is a price to pay for using only stock images in all of your marketing material. Do you want your business to stand out or to look like everyone else?


What makes a good business card?

You go networking to get your business name out there and someone asks if they could have your card. As you hand it over you are apologising about the way it looks and how you have been meaning to get it redesigned. Not exactly the best first impression you are leaving behind, and more importantly why are you embarrassed about your business card?


Do you have successful web presence?

Having a website is one of the most important investments to make. We spend our lives on the internet, whether it’s on your phone, tablet or computer, we are constantly ‘plugged in’ and not having any web presence can be detrimental to your business.