AMH Fitness

Overnight AMH Fitness went from face to face sessions to online zoom classes due to the covid pandemic. They realised that their current brand image was not working for them, it was too masculine and didn’t communicate the flow and  strength training that was offered within their classes. They suddenly needed to communicate in a crowded online environment, trying to stand out and look professional.

JWJ were tasked with refreshing their brand and creating a set of brand assets and Canva templates that could help the client bring their brand to life online and in social media.

JWJ Design started with a mood board to help pull the ideas and thoughts together, to make it easier for the client to see the direction that JWJ were proposing. Following the mood board creation and agreement from the client a series of logo concepts were presented until the design and colour combinations were just right.

The client’s target market are women aged 45+ looking for exercise classes that are not too intensive and scary but will still create results, physically and mentally. The logo uses a stylish and elegant font that helps communicate flow, balance and harmony. The colours are a mix of traditional, trust worthy blues and gold metallics mixed with bright limes and purples to represent the energy and personality of the owner.

The icon can be used separately from the logo text to give a range of brand usage in their marketing and communications.

To continue the flow and movement feeling of the brand values the canva templates use circles and rounded shapes rather than harsh, angular graphics.