Body Mechanics

Body Mechanics and JWJ had been working together for several years before the conversation of a brand refresh arose. Nikki, the owner and founder of Body Mechanics had just started to move the business in a new direction and her brand identity needed to be refreshed to appeal to the corporate client base she was targeting.

The colours of her original logo were liked but the logo itself was flat and uninspiring. Nikki wanted a brand mark that was recognisable online and in print, that didn’t feel too masculine and communicated the feelings of her clients once they had received treatment: movement, energy and release.

The final chosen identity arose from the combination of the B and M of the brand name. JWJ wanted to illustrate movement through flowing lines and a continuous shape. The gradient colours added to the idea of movement. The text underneath was kept simple so as not to detract from the brand icon. The icon works well on its own as well as locked up with the text and can be expanded in to a pattern and watermark overlay.