The challenge back in 2012 was to create a strong brand identity for an adventure park in Epsom. The client wanted a rustic and natural style which also captured the mystical feel of the Hobbledown story.

JWJ design created rustic textures, hand drawn graphics, illustrations and distressed graphic devices to help bring the whole brand voice to life.

After establishing the initial brand image of Hobbledown, JWJ has been involved in all areas of the park’s marketing since they opened in 2012; designing advertising, enewsletter templates, large park signage, promotional posters, large scale graphics around the site plus merchandise for the gift shop. 


Hobbledown Adventure Park

JWJ Design has an amazing talent for extracting the client’s vision from their mind and transforming it to the page. Having worked with JWJ Design for eight years, their ability to maintain brand theming yet create eye catching alternatives is what has kept the relationship strong.