Kidspace Romford Interior Design

Kidspace in Romford decided to renovate the interior and exterior signage of the site whilst they were closed during lockdown in 2020. Part of the renovations included updating the outside signage, wall graphics, restaurant branding and menus plus promotional posters throughout the site.

It was a complex brief, designing over 60 different signs, notices and large displays and ensuring they all remained brand consistent whilst not being too repetitive.

JWJ Design worked closely with BlueDot printers to help measure, print and install the graphics around the play centre.

The client wanted to make sure all the walls looked bright and engaging as well as creating walls to photograph against for social media opportunities. The signage really elevated the feel of the indoor play arena, helping to create a slick, consistent and visually striking environment.

Kidspace Romford Entrance

Kidspace party graphics

Party Rooms at Kidspace

Party room interior design

Party room

Kidspace Romford Party Room

Kidspace Romford playframe

Kidspace Romford Interior Graphic Design