Services: Signage & Wall Graphics

Whether it is simple directional signage or more complex wall graphics, JWJ Design has experience bringing your branding through to all areas of your onsite communications. 

The brand experience of your clients or customers needs to occur on may levels. If you are a leisure facility you want to make sure the public have clear guidance on where the toilets are, where they can find the party rooms or even what the opening and closing times might be of that area. If these are created in your brand voice, font and colours they will look slicker and be much more in tune with the rest of the environment.

Large scale wall graphics also has the opportunity to transform the feel of a space and is a good place to reinforce the brand message, your logo, plus can be a great backdrop for photography and social media images.

Outdoor signage, whether that is in the car park or as people drive on to the site is also a good place to advertise special events, open days or membership opportunities.


Get in touch with us at JWJ Design if you wish to discuss how you can leverage your signage in and around your facility or school, bringing it inline with your brand style and uplifting the space so that is looks professional and exciting.

Additional Services:


JWJ gets to the heart of your business and creates a unique brand identity for your business that is much more than a logo.


From a welcome leaflet to a full colour brochure or prospectus, your brand message should carry through on all your communications.


Brand consultancy services to help leisure attractions and independent schools market themselves effectively to their target market.