How much should you pay for a logo design?


The price of a logo design can vary greatly and many small businesses are often unsure if they are getting ripped off or if they are getting good value for money. 

These days you can pay anything from £5 to £5000 for a complete brand and logo design, so what is the difference and why do some people charge only £5 and others thousands?


How much for logo design

You get what you pay for

When I googled ‘logo design’ the first page of hits was all about free and easy logos: “Create your logo in 5 minutes”, “Logo design made easy”, “Create your own logo, it’s free”.

If you are new to running your own business you may wonder, ‘why do you have to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds when, according to some places you can create your own logo for free?’

Free logo design is great if you are setting up a small, side line project and need some sort of branding to make it look more professional, but, if you are a serious business owner with a vision for your business then a ‘free’ logo is just not going to give you what you need. 


Logo design or brand design

There is a big difference between creating a logo and creating a brand. If you are unsure of the difference between the two, read here: Difference between a logo and a brand

A logo is your sign or symbol for the business, your brand is what your business says about you to your target audience, and that includes your logo. 

By only paying a small amount of money for a logo design, you will have a logo but you won’t have a brand image. You won’t know what fonts or colours to use or been given guidance on types of imagery that suits your business and talks to your target market. 

Developing a strong and effective brand takes creativity and time, time to research and think strategically about your business. 


Final cost of a brand design

Ultimately the cost of a logo and brand is going to be different depending on requirements: the size of the business, if there are sub-brands to consider and how much research and strategy is required to ensure the brand has longevity and stand out in the market.  

The final cost of a professional logo design will depend on your budget and who you decide to work with: 


Budget Logo Design

– DIY /  Logo makers: £0 – £50

– Logo templates – using clipart icons that won’t be bespoke for your business: £5 – £100

– Logo Contests / Crowdsourcing: £50 – £300

Be wary of the final artwork you receive. Ideally you should receive all the formats including vector, transparent and flat graphics, plus colour and font breakdowns. 


Mid-Range Logo Design 

– Beginner Designer: £100 – £500

– Experienced Designer: £500 – £3,000

– Small Design Studio: £3,000 – £30,000

– Mid-Sized Agency: £5,000 – £50,000+


High-End Logo Design Pricing:

– Branding Agency: £50,000 – £100,000  

– Renowned Branding Agency: £100,000 – £1,000,000 

Obviously with agency budgets you are getting a team of people working on your project; possibly including account managers, creative directors, strategic team plus the design team. 


Your logo and brand budget should be taken seriously and not something that is an after-thought to your business and marketing strategy. If you have a reasonable budget, and work with a competent designer / team you will have something at the end of the process that is bespoke and talks effectively to your target market and grows with your business. 


At JWJ Design, we are an experienced team and work with client’s budgets from £1,000. If you are looking for a strategically thought through brand image for your business that gives you the right foundations for your marketing please do get in touch.