Who are you trying to talk to and what do you want to say?


These may seem like obvious questions with obvious answers, eg. ‘everyone’ and ‘buy from me’ but many small businesses and business owners have not necessarily worked these two answers out before engaging with a designer or before creating and implementing their first marketing campaigns. Also, taking the blanket approach of everyone without a USP, without research and without being targeted, really will not have the desired effect when it comes to marketing your business with this one size fits all approach.

Going back a step and looking at creating or having a marketing plan or strategy in place before embarking on and implementing marketing campaigns, Pinpoint Marketing says there are 7 steps.


The 7 marketing plan steps are:

1. Objective Setting

2. Defining the messaging

3. Defining a strategy

4. Defining the target audience

5. Developing the tactics

6. Implementing the plan

7. Measuring and evaluation


As you can see, steps 2 and 4 cover off the questions which this blog focusses on, who are you trying to talk to and what do you want to say? Without knowing these answers, then any marketing you will do, including creating a brand and logo, will probably not have the desired impact on your audience.  This applies whether your business needs a brand new logo for the first time or a brand refresh.

Why is this?

By working out who you are targeting, this will really help a design agency, like JWJ Design, brainstorm and dive into that person’s mind and mindset and therefore create a brand that will resonate with them and talk to them effectively. How? Because the colours, the fonts, the shapes, the perception and their emotions will all be taken into account and worked on to then produce a great looking brand identity.

The same applies when it comes to working out what you want to say. By knowing what you are promoting, you can figure out the keywords, the phrases, the hot button issues and how you want your business to come across. These perceptions and messages will again help formulate and create a brand that hits home to the customer or potential customer. They will then feel connected with it and so the seller/buyer relationship will start.

A graphic design agency, like JWJ Design, will no doubt ask these questions if you have not consulted a marketing expert previously and if these answers are not known when you make contact. Any marketing or promoting of your business should be done with a why or a reason in mind and asking questions and planning and brainstorming before paying out will certainly give you better and more longer lasting results and impact.


About the author

Nicole Martin is the director of Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd, an award winning Buckinghamshire based marketing consultancy business, established in 2008.

Pinpoint Marketing is an independent marketing consultancy focussing on working with small businesses to provide realistic and effective marketing. Specialising in marketing planning and hands on support, Pinpoint helps businesses go from where they are now to where they want to be with bespoke and personalised marketing advice and solutions.

Director Nicole is highly organised, focussed and motivated as well as being an experienced project manager and a reliable and well networked marketing professional. 

Pinpoint Marketing and JWJ Design have collaborated on various projects over the years, resulting in a well-rounded marketing campaign that is organised as well as creatively eye-catching.