Creating Video Content – where do you start?


Clients often don’t know where to start when it comes to creating engaging video content. Yes, they understand that video is a vital part of their social media strategy, but they sometimes draw a blank on exactly what that should be.

Firstly, they need to answer some questions:

– Who are they talking to?

– What is the aim of the video?

Those questions will dictate whether it is a content or marketing video.

Marketing Videos

If the aim of the video is very specific: to get people to sign up to a workshop, or to buy tickets to an event, for example, that’s a marketing video. You are directly trying to sell something. These tend to be 60-90 second videos, with a definite structure to grab their attention, engage their interest, convince them to want to work with you, and get them to act after seeing the video. As a general rule, 20% of videos should be marketing videos, to 80% content videos.


Content Videos

If the aim is to nurture a relationship with your audience, to maintain visibility, to educate or interest your potential clients, it is probably a content video. These are the videos that tend to worry my clients more: “what should I talk about?”, “I don’t have anything interesting to say,” are just some of the comments I hear.

The aim of these videos is to build up a relationship, so that they come to you for your products or services. These are not selling videos, instead they show prospective customers more about you, how you work, and your expertise, so that it builds up that ‘know, like and trust’ that you need in order for people to then use you.

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Behind the scenes at your office

How you make something

Lives – Great for question and answer sessions

Pieces to camera – Talk about what you’re doing today, and why

News – Position yourself as the expert by knowing when key news stories come up, and comment on them

Testimonials – Ask your clients to give you a glowing testimonial

Time lapses – Set up your smartphone to film you setting something up, or a fast forward of a workshop you have delivered

Education videos – Teach people how to do something that’s in your area of expertise

Pet videos – everyone loves the odd video of your pet, if you have one!

This list is not exhaustive, so do think about you and your business, and how you could tell your audience more about you and the way you work to help engage all those lovely clients. I will look forward to seeing them.


About the author

Marissa is the founder of Holden Media Productions, a video production and video coaching company. They create compelling marketing videos to help businesses generate and convert potential clients plus delivering comprehensive video training. Marissa has fourteen year’s experience as a broadcast journalist at the BBC and Sky News, which she uses to ensure videos tell succinct, but engaging stories in a creative way.