Designing visually on brand interior graphics


Your brand and logo has been refreshed and updated.

You have updated your social media images and they are all on brand.

Your promotional posters are all reflecting your new brand image.

But what about your signage and background graphics onsite, still in the old brand style or looking faded and old??.


Kidspace Romford Entrance

When your customers come to your site, whether that is fully inside or perhaps you have an outdoor activity centre, there needs to be consistency with all the messaging your customers see, even down to the signs for exit and toilets.

A customer’s brand experience needs to be considered from the moment they book their tickets through to ordering a coffee onsite and even sitting down and looking at the walls / graphics that surround them. If all of the touch points are consistent, on brand and speak with the same brand voice then the customer will feel that the service and location is professional and have a positive experience. If they see a bunch of signs printed on white paper, using different fonts and often ripped and torn then a less than positive message is being communicated.


Signs and graphic ideas for on brand communications

Some leisure attractions have a multitude of safety messages that they need to display, so rather than have individual signs for each message combining these in a fun way will make them look more in tune with the rest of the space, but also be much more engaging to read.

Have you also thought about backgrounds that groups of kids could stand in front of and have their photo taken? Does it have your logo on and are your social media handles on it so people know that they can tag you in their images? This can also be a great opportunity to add an incentive or competition to encourage images and sharing of them online.

If you host kid’s parties or corporate events then don’t forget that a lot of photos will be taken. Think about the blank walls in the entrance or in the party room – could this be a perfect space to add some colour, on brand imagery or even a subtle promotional message or logo?

If a background looks good then more imagery and video content will be taken and shared online!


Updating onsite signage can be a large creative job, some quick fixes that can help instantly refresh your signage are:

• Creating A4 portrait and landscape templates in Word or Canva that team members can update and print out. These will look so much better than a plain white sign with comic sans on!

• Creating some large A1 or A0 posters with brand messages on or just have some great images printed that helps set the tone of the experience.

• Paint a wall. Kids love to pick and walls get scuffed easily. Just adding a lick of paint to the entrance area will make it all look a bit cleaner. Avoid white or cream walls and go for a splash of colour from your brand palette.

• Add some bunting, chinese lanterns or plants, depending on who your target audience is and what would appeal to them. Just adding some colourful bunting or fake plants can help lift a room or space.


If you are interested in a brand review or some creative ideas for your onsite signage or wall graphics then please do get in touch. JWJ Design have a large amount of experience creating various different artwork from the large to the small for leisure attractions in the UK.