Evolution of design over the decade


As with all things that evolve it is only when you take a step back and look with fresh eyes do you notice how things have changed, and the world of graphic design is no different.


Design trends since 2011

Back in 2011 when JWJ Design (or Joshi was Janes, as it was then known as) was founded, the world was a different place. 

– Not everyone had a smartphone, yes plenty of people did but desktop usage was higher than mobile usage for viewing websites. Only in 2016 did mobile usage surpass desktop usage. 

– Tik Tok didn’t exist.

– Instagram had only been around for a few months and wasn’t owned by Facebook.

– iPad 2 was only released in 2011, very few people owned a tablet

– Netflix was not available in the UK until 2012!


Design trends

These trends are all technology based but the evolution of the above has had a huge impact on design trends.

Because design was moving in to the digital space businesses had to think about how their brand showed up online and how easy it was to read, or how recognisable their logo needed to be in a small square. 

One of the past decade’s biggest design trend was flat design. Making everything simpler and cleaner in appearance with the use of geometric sans serif fonts.


Era of the re-brand

With technology moving at a fast rate many of the larger corporates had to re-think their strategy and how they showed up in the digital space. 

During this decade a large amount of businesses we use every day didn’t exist; including Air BnB, Uber, Deliveroo and Gousto, and there are many many more. 

These new businesses pushed some of the larger more established corporates on as they had new competition and consumer habits were changing fast. 

In the past 10 years Amazon, Mastercard, Premier League, Subway, Pizza Hut and even new businesses like Uber have had a re-brand. And when looking back at the old logos, all have gone for something that is flatter in colour and style, rounder typefaces and less fussy in appearance. 


Keeping the design real

Not everyone wanted to go for the slick, cleaner look and actually alongside this simpler design trend there has been a revival for the messy, ‘real’ looking design. Think torn edges, letter press effects, ink smudges and hand drawn graphics and typefaces. These are a complete contrast to the slick, technology driven world that many of us are immersed in. The idea of being ‘real’ and looking authentic is a trend that is just as strong today in 2021 with businesses using various ways to communicate and connect with their audience. 


Future trends

As with all trends they evolve and change depending on outside factors. With the world currently going through a global pandemic there will be a significant impact on design trends and how businesses show up in this new space.


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