Trends in design for 2022


Design trends for the year ahead are always a hot topic of conversation in January as we look towards what the year may bring. 

During the past Covid years there has been an accelerated shift in many business practises and trends, where new habits might have taken a few years to be adopted, we are now seeing changes of behaviour and practises after a few months.


QR Code

QR codes are back

Do you remember the poor QR code back in the early 2000’s? 

I remember trying to add QR codes into design projects because it was the latest technological ‘thing’ but it not really taking off. Fast forward 15 years and everyone knows what a QR code is and how to use it! 

It is now seen as a really useful device to provide links to certain pages of your website that may have long url addresses as well as cutting out the need for typing and getting the web address wrong.  

When creating a brochure or leaflet you might want to provide a link to a certain booking or promotional area. Adding a QR code will allow people an easier way to get to the relevant information that can be updated easily rather than re-printing every time there is a change in price or content. 


Nostalgia and retro

Design has always been influenced by external factors; economic crisis often creates a need for design to feel safe, warm and reassuring. 

With the global pandemic everyone is wanting to look back to times when things were simpler and easier… before the internet and social media, when MTV was how we kept up to date with the latest video trends. 

In fashion we have seen a revival of 90’s style with a modern twist and the same is happening in the design world where 90’s graphic styles are having a revival. 

The 90’s design world was when I learnt what graphic design was and realised there was a creative career for me, so like many it is like a warm, nostalgic blanket that feels safe and reassuring. To the young it feels retro and cool (if you are over 35, the 1990s is to 20 year olds what the 1970s were to us!).

If your target market is the younger audience you may want to look at designers like David Carson and Neville Brody who were pioneers of the style in the 90s and think about how certain creative styles can be adapted for today’s design.


Big, bright and bold

Typography and graphic shapes will be big, bold and playful. Think Squid Games and titles on TV shows like Killing Eve. 

Don’t be scared of going big and bold and showing off your personality. Use typography like an image, play around with creating layers of information. But don’t forget to have impact in design you should have contrast. So while you might have some large elements in your layouts, don’t forget to have something a lot smaller to add contrast and interest in the design. 


Other trends that will be very much a forefront are sustainability and mind set. As a society we have realised the impact that individuals are having on the environment, how changing behaviours can help our mind set and the mental attitudes of those around us. At JWJ Design our client’s are in the education and leisure sectors, we are often talking to the younger generation that are growing up in a world where these conversations are the norm. 

How this space evolves and changes over the coming year will be interesting to see. What technological advances will happen to make sure that we are treating the World we live on with the respect it deserves. 

Art and design has always been at the forefront of challenging and influencing behaviours, the next year will be an interesting space to see how companies shift their attitudes and how that is reflected in the language and imagery that we use. 


Should we follow the trends?

This is just a snap shot of some of the trends that we are JWJ Design see happening over the next year. Some of these will be relevant to our client base and some may not. 

As with all trends, whether that is in fashion, design or music, you tap in to the ones that seem relevant to you and your target market. This article does not mean you have to change your whole brand image. Your brand should always reflect your values, vision and talk to your target market effectively. 

Trends are interesting to keep track of to make sure that as designers we are always growing and evolving with the world around us. If we stop looking then as a creative you stop seeing and your work can become stilted and tired. 


If you feel your brand and marketing is tired and old then please do get in touch at and we can see what may need to be done to make it feel energised and relevant again.