Chiltern Seeds Brochure

Chiltern Seeds and JWJ Design have been working together since 2013 and have collaborated on over 14 marketing brochures to date. The original brochures started as a twelve page A5 booklet, and have now become a 54 page editorial marketing catalogue due to the success and notable increase in sales since their introduction into the marketing strategy.

The design makes use of the strong imagery by Sabina Rüber, with layouts using full bleed imagery as well as fitting in a large amount of content on other spreads.  JWJ created icons for some of the information to help with the amount of detail and content required for each plant.

The pages and imagery are grouped by specimen variety as well as colour variety to make it easy for the less knowledgeable gardener to search for flowers and plants they may wish to grow in their garden.

Chiltern Seeds Magazine Cover Design

Welcome Magazine Spread

Purple Flower Seeds

Editorial Magazine Design

Pink Flower Spread Print Design

Vegetable Seeds

Flower Seed catalogue design

Favourite Flowers

Chiltern Seeds latest catalogue design